City Vote 2017

walbrookvite2Yesterday, voters in City of London wards came out to vote for their councilmen in city-wide elections.

Over recent weeks, I have been on the campaign trail with my fellow nominee seeking re-election, James Thomson, hearing voter views and meeting our constituents.  It has been a pleasure to meet so many Walbrook voters – many of whom raised valuable points regarding the future success of our ward and the City as a whole.

On Wednesday 22 March, all three candidates took part in a wardmote at Mansion House, where voters could hear from us individually, to discuss our mandate for election and share our views on how to promote the ward.

walbrookvite1Yesterday, voting took place from 8am to 8pm and around an hour later, results were announced.  I am honoured to be re-elected as your Common Councilman for Walbrook ward, alongside James and we look forward to continuing to work for your benefit, promoting constituent views to the various strategic committees and ensuring your concerns and suggestions are brought to the discussions.

Thank you for choosing to believe in our joint vision for Walbrook and do make sure you stay in contact with me and James over the next few months and years – we stand as your representatives and your input is invaluable.

Re-election as Councilman

On 23 March 2017, voters in the Ward of Walbrook will get the opportunity to elect their Councilmen representatives for the forthcoming tenure of office.  I am standing for re-election along with my fellow Councilman, James Thomson.

Ijtpbt’s vital that your elected councilmen work together to better serve your needs at committee level, and I am delighted to announce that James and I will be out seeking your votes together.

We are committed to the success of Walbrook Ward at the heart of the City, and can only be re-elected as Common Councilmen to serve you with your support.


The Illuminated River


The City’s Culture Heritage and Libraries Committee “saw the light ” in early February.

This £10m project which is already 50% funded, will link all central London river bridges from Putney to Tower in a top designer lighting scheme.

The aim is to enhance the attraction of London and its river for visitors businesses and workers.  One of the major funders to date has been the Rothschild Foundation. It is hoped to open the scheme in phases from later this year.


Business Rates

Are you aware that business rates are set to increase from April?

This impacts all businesses, in different ways. Increases have always varied depending on the type of business use and location . Now it also depends on the size of your business.

Bigger firms (+£100k rateable value) will pay their increase more quickly, whilst smaller business have a more beneficial phasing-in allowance.

You can always appeal your rating assessment but there are new constraints. It is fortunate that Walbrook Ward benefits from a number of Real Estate professionals who can assist – Contact

Bank Junction Safety Scheme Decisions


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Many major cities across the world have taken steps to improving safety for all road users, whatever their method of transportation, in areas of high volume traffic.  Consider New York’s Times Square, for example.  Traffic-choked streets were replaced with pedestrian ‘plazas’ starting in 2009, provoking initial discontent with former motor traffic users of the area, but in the long term, it was proved to be a safe solution to an area which attracts high volume footfall, not only from local workers and residents, but travellers and tourists.

If we take a look at London, it’s easy to spot the pinch points for traffic congestion. 6-Way Bank Junction is one of those major pinch points in the City.  It has also been the location of serious road accidents, with cyclists too often being seriously, and sometimes fatally injured.

Back in 2015, consultations and proposals to alleviate the Bank Junction traffic were widely reported, and the City Corporation began promoting a scheme entitled Bank on Safety, detailing measures to improve public road user safety, travel times (it was proposed to undertake Bank Station upgrades concurrently to surface improvements), air quality and motor traffic flow around the proposed exclusion zone.

On Tuesday, the Bank Junction proposal to exclude all motor traffic except buses and bikes during business hours was approved at the City’s Planning & Transportation committee, 14-0 – a unanimous decision.   I sat in the public gallery to watch the debate unfold.  It was over an hour of detailed and thoughtful presentations by officers, 5 outside bodies including the taxi drivers organisation and comments by 9 members. A good airing of views with no-one disagreeing that something had to be done about this pinch point.

Today, the proposals head for Policy and Resources Committee and there will be a temporary trial scheme (12-18 months) likely to start in the Spring of 2017, with close monitoring throughout to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained by all users, before a decision is made on permanent exclusions or usage amendments.

In 2017, through the duration of the trial scheme, we will hopefully be able to see a drastic cut in the number of road traffic accidents; a less polluted area of our historic City during peak hours; and truly be able to develop a pioneering road safety scheme of which the City and all its users can be proud.  The trial will enable all users to offer their opinion and suggestions for any permanent scheme – and it’s important that the City hears feedback on how the trial works to ensure the best route forward for all in 2018 and beyond!

Tradition, Investment & Improvement

7d2d8531-696a-44f8-8606-81809927fa89My manifesto, based around the key priorities I see for the Ward of Walbrook, comes from a long career in the property and business industry.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been speaking to residents and businesses in the Ward to hear your views and own experiences of living and working in this vital area of the City.

Your feedback has been instrumental in developing my case for support, and the key words I hear are: Tradition, Investment and Improvement.  Those are the values which drive my priorities.

If you haven’t yet seen a copy, please download a copy of my campaign flyer.  Share it with your neighbours and colleagues.  It’s a truly collaborative effort, and your voice is crucial for the future of the Ward of Walbrook.

You can opt-in to receive e-newsletters about my campaign here or send me a message through the Contact page.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Why vote for me?

  1. I know both the City and the Ward well and have extensive City business experience
  2. I am accessible to those living and working Walbrook Ward
  3. I know how the City Corporation works and how best to use its operations for the benefit of the Ward
  4. I can bring a wide range of relevant knowledge and experience to the Ward
  5. I am a good listener to the needs of City businesses and residents, and I deliver solutions

Vote for me on 1 December

pgb2016I am Peter Bennett, your Independent candidate, seeking your vote in the Walbrook Ward By-Election on Thursday 1 December.

I was, until October 2016, City Surveyor to the Corporation of London, responsible for its extensive property holdings, generating income and providing support for City businesses.

Having worked for the City Corporation for the last 26 years, being a City resident and Chairman of my Residents’ Association, I understand the issues of living and working in a World City.

You can read my priorities for the Ward here, or by clicking “My Priorities” on the top menu.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on these!